Entrepreneurs will present sustainability proposals to the presidential candidates

This document represents the demands of the 60 largest companies operating in Brazil, with revenues equivalent to about 45% of the national GDP.

BCSD Brazil launches a digital water hub

BCSD Brazil (CEBDS) has launched Aquasfera, a digital water hub set up to track the commitments laid down earlier this year by the Brazilian Business Commitment to Water Security. Check the article published on the WBCSD website.



CEBDS is a non-profit civil association that promotes sustainable development for companies that operate in Brazil by interacting with governments and civil society, in addition to divulging the most modern concepts and practices pertaining to the theme. Check the video!

How companies have been contributing to the Paris Agreement

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Carbon Pricing in Brazilian Industry: a Strategic Initiative

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Open Letter – Private Sector Supports Carbon Pricing in Brazil

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CEO Guide to Water – Building Resilient Business

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