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There is a symbiotic relation between business and the use of water resources. Beyond the obvious dependency that businesses have directly and indirectly on this essential natural resource, issues such as multiple use of water, the relationship between business users and their counterparts in the same basin, adaptation to weather events and concerns regarding sanitation levels in the country are some of the points the business sector need to discuss and proactively address. A furthering of the understanding of the role the business sector plays on water resource dynamics is a pre-requisite for better allocation of the resources, gains in eco-efficiency, cost reductions, income increases and especially advances in sustainability resulting from decisive action by this sector.


Governance (03/2016 – 2019)
Co-chairs: Luiz André Soares (Coca-cola) and Mário Pino (Braskem)

André Ramalho (CEBDS)

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