Types of activities

The work of CEBDS is focused on four value proposals: 

1. Practical Transformation:
Offer tools and methodologies that transform the companies’ management and operations.


2. Advocacy and Networking:
Influence public policy and operate in a network to ensure an environment favorable to business sustainability.


3. Cutting Edge for Concepts:
To be on the forefront of concepts and practices that leverage business sustainability and ensure a competitive advantage to member companies.


4. Educator and Builder of Expertise:
Offer training in business sustainability and information and knowledge for society.

For this, in addition to the institutional representation, there are two main instruments for operation, the Working Groups and the Projects.

The Working Groups are forums conducted on average every 45 days where member companies from various sectors meet to discuss common problems in sustainability management. The forum is open to participation by all members.

The Projects – normally pertaining to information, tools, training or public policies – may be of an institutional nature or by the Chambers.