Vision, mission and principles


In the Brazil of 2050, 226 million people live well and respect the natural limits of the planet through cooperation between the public sector, civil society and companies.


Promote the practice of transforming markets, companies and professionals, combining business and a society for a sustainable country.


All participants of the “CEBDS System” - member companies, Board of Directors, Management, fixed contributors and future partners – shall base their decisions and actions on the following principles:


1. Prevalence of a greater purpose

In all your decisions and actions consider that the greater purpose of CEBDS transcends your particular interests and those of your area of activity, your type of business or your organization. After all, what is best for the whole is always best for each of the parts. Remember that you should be a living example in the effort to implement a sustainability culture in the country.

2. Culture of service

Place yourself genuinely at the service of all those with whom you are in contact. Development may only be sustainable when all participants in the socio-economic-political-cultural system are performing at their best. And this only happens when generosity and altruism exist in all relationships. Share your best with others and inspire them to do the same by leading through example.

3. Wise use of power

Always be aware of the enormous power that your decisions and actions have on the life of others and all living beings. It’s a power that is manifested in all directions and over time. Current decisions and actions have the power to create the future. Therefore they cannot only be based on the current “letter of the law”, norms, regulations, mores and costumes that are a product of the past. You should always be aware of the “spirit of the law” in order to act wisely and thus build a sustainable future for all.

4. Whole-Part Consistency

You, the organization for which you work for, as well as the business activity in which it operates, the communities it serves, society and CEBDS are all systems within systems, where all participants are interconnected and interdependent. This is the core of sustainable development. Be aware that everything you think, say, decide and do has an impact upon the whole. Therefore you should be an agent of the evolving whole through every decision or gesture, from the most limited and mundane to the most wide- ranging and complex. Always maintain consistency and coherency in everything you do, say, and think.

5. Pro-solution Posture

Concentrate your attention and energy in the search for practical solutions for the challenges that sustainable development presents now and in the future. Avoid wasting them on diagnoses and criticisms and placing blame. That does not build anything. Problems, barriers, the unexpected, the ambiguous, the uncertainties, all this is part of the natural process of evolvement. To reach fully sustainable development requires a constructive attitude, especially to mobilize other persons and organizations in the search for this ideal. This is accomplished with an optimistic posture and the dissemination of positive energy.

6. Ethics and Self-Regulation

Ethics is the choice for the common good. When in doubt, choose the alternative that best serves the common good. This will naturally lead to sustainable development. Don’t wait for laws, norms and regulations to determine what should be done. Always analyze the consequences of the alternatives and decide based on your conscience. Play a leading role. Conquer the freedom that self-regulation awards to true leaders.

7. Inclusion

Actively and tirelessly seek to attract other people and organizations to the cause of sustainable development. Don’t just “preach to the choir”. Don’t discriminate against those that still have a low level of awareness regarding this goal. Ensure your actions in all environments is inspiring and mobilizing. Attract and welcome everyone with goodwill, tolerance and positive acceptance. Even those who refuse, adamantly, to change their ways. They could serve as reference for you to check the strength of your convictions.