Climate, Energy and Sustainable Finance

We are experiencing the urgent challenge of facing the climate emergency, preventing the global temperature from rising more than 1.5°C. In this scenario, the business sector plays a crucial role and is already adopting mitigation measures.


The importance of CEBDS, through this CT, is to lead the transition to a low carbon economy through business engagement and effective climate policies, promoting sustainable and inclusive development. To accelerate this process, we focus our efforts on climate neutrality, acting on three main fronts: connection and collaboration; advocacy and capacity building.

For Brazil to fulfill its role and its goals stipulated in international agreements, efforts to reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions are essential. Our country has, in the transition to a low-carbon economy, a field of opportunities to increase productivity, generate jobs and income. There are vast possibilities in the areas of bioeconomy, infrastructure, connectivity, carbon credits and nature-based solutions. This context even makes it possible to leverage the competitive advantages of companies that adapt to this new logic of doing business.


  • Provide a secure platform for CEBDS companies to come together to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices; to facilitate partnerships and undertake initiatives aimed at practicing climate responsibility.
  • Provide information, guidance, products and tools that help CEBDS companies to implement, measure and communicate efforts related to tackling the climate issue.
  • Increase dialogue between the public and private sectors in building a common agenda on climate change, energy efficiency and in the quest to increase the share of renewable energies in the energy matrix.
  • Proactively represent the vision of CEBDS companies on issues related to energy and climate change, in debates and formulation of public policies with governments and other interest groups.
  • Disseminate best practices, demonstrating the contribution of CEBDS member companies to mitigating the global warming phenomenon in a simple and understandable way.
  • Assist member companies and the business ecosystem as a whole to adapt their production to a sustainable reality through training, quality information and engaged articulation with the most diverse sectors and participatory entities (public authorities, national and international civil society, academia, etc. .)
  • Catalyze the transformations necessary to face the climate issue, encouraging Brazilian companies to contribute to reversing the phenomenon of global warming.


Fernanda Facchini


Fernanda Facchini

I am a professional with over 20 years of experience working in the consumer goods and cosmetics industry, especially in the area of supply chain and sustainability. I gained experience in several positions and departments within the organization, such as sourcing and purchasing, planning and sustainability. I learned to be a solid decision maker and responsible for my actions. I lead a business transformation focused on the journey of decarbonization and implementation of circular economy principles.

Mariana Barbosa

Mariana Barbosa

Mariana holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from PUC/SP, and a Master's from the University of California – Berkeley (LL.M) and the Oxford University School of Environmental Management (MSc in Environmental Change and Management). He has worked in the Environmental area of some of the largest law firms in Brazil, working on carbon projects, forestry projects, agricultural projects, as well as complex processes of repairing socio-environmental impacts, among other topics related to the use of natural resources and environmental protection. .



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