Agrifood Systems

Agrifood Systems are complex and have the capacity to impact, in a transversal way, several challenges that we face today, both positively and negatively.


According to the UN Food Systems Summit Scientific Group, “the food system includes the resources related to the entire production chain such as: inputs, production, transport, processing and manufacturing industries, retail and food consumption. food, as well as its impacts on the environment, health and society”. This is a theme that demands the action of several actors in an organized and collaborative way, always considering the field to the table.

It is essential that Brazil – a continental country, cradle of the largest tropical forest on the planet and one of the largest food producers and exporters – takes on a global role in the agenda for the sustainable transformation of Agrifood Systems, contributing to food security and conservation. of biomes.

CEBDS seeks to raise awareness, train and engage the various actors through broad discussion at strategic events, in addition to collaborating with the production chain to drive the transition to healthy, prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient food systems.


  • Assist in the construction of sustainable and regenerative agro-food systems that provide access to healthy and safe food for all, respecting the limits of the planet.
  • Foster the adoption of sustainable practices at scale throughout the entire food production chain, in addition to mobilizing networked actors for the transformation of agrifood systems.
  • Bring update and alignment on the national and global scenario about the agri-food system, its trends, risks and opportunities;
  • Establish a position of the Business Sector and CT on the subject;
  • Promoting common projects and actions among the participating companies;
  • Create a reference in the country that can be replicated as a model of sustainable transformation of the sector in Latin America


Alessandra Fajardo


Alessandra Fajardo

Graduated in agronomic engineering at ESALQ/USP, Alessandra has more than 20 years of experience in the Agribusiness, Institutional Relations and Sustainability sector, having already worked in important companies in this field. At Bayer, he was Product Manager and Market Manager in the Seeds and Biotechnology division in the Crop Science division. In addition, she led the Corporate Affairs area (APSA) of Crop Science for Brazil and was president of the extinct Biotechnology Information Council (CIB), in addition to representing Bayer in several associations and committees. Relationships with Bayer's Stakeholders include interlocution and approximation with the company's contacts throughout Brazil and Latin America, focusing on the themes of the food chain (food value chain), environment, climate change, carbon market, biodiversity, among others.

Ana Carolina Carregaro


Ana Carolina Carregaro

With 16 years of experience in the corporate world, she graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Santos, has a postgraduate degree in Tax Law and a Master's in International Integration Law in Latin America, both from the University of São Paulo. He took several courses in the financial, tax and executive training courses in Strategy at the University of Cambridge and Institutional Relations and Advocacy at the School of Politics at George Washington University. He built his career in multinational tax service companies and food and beverage industries. He has more than 9 years of experience in structuring and coordinating the Tax Planning Department of large multinational companies, such as EY, Nestlé and BRF, being responsible for tax review projects, planning and large operations of mergers and acquisitions. He worked directly in the Institutional and Governmental Relations Area at BRF, having already been responsible for acting in the areas of States, Municipalities and International. Executive Manager since 2017, in September 2019, she took over BRF's Institutional Relations office in Brasília, leading the local team. She is Coordinator of the Government Relations Committee of ABIA – Brazilian Association of the Food Industry and Coordinator of the Legislative WG of ABPA – Brazilian Association of Animal Protein and member of the Brazilian Institute of Tax Law. She is currently Director of Institutional Relations at Nestlé.



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