programa de tv visão brasil 2050

Brasil 2050

The first season of the TV Brasil 2050 program has as backdrop the document  Visão Brasil 2050 and is composed of 13 episodes with 26 minutes each, exploring Brazil and describing successful sustainability projects, activities and initiatives by companies, government and civil society, serving as inspiration for building a country that is more socially just, environmentally responsible and economically feasible. The program will provide national visibility to sustainability activities recognized by society, showing they may be used as models to be replicated.

Brazil and its people with their creativity and diversity undertake many sustainability projects that are yet unknown to Brazilians themselves. With a non-traditional format, each case is presented by local people that participate in the highlighted project. The camera follows the action and conducts the narrative. The central thread is in the impact of the project on the daily lives of the citizens involved directly or indirectly.

The programs are divided into two to three segments. Specialists provide testimonies regarding the technical aspects of the showcased problem in each episode: Local Development, Shared Value, Biodiversity and Forests, Urban Mobility, Energy, Water, Agriculture, Construction, Waste and Economics. Features that cover success cases pertaining to the matter being covered are interspersed with the testimonies. Each feature constitutes a small documentary.

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