Ama water produced to fight shortages

Our efforts in favor of water security are not limited to improving consumption efficiency.
In 2017, Ambev launched Água Ama, created with the aim of transforming the reality of thousands of people who do not have access to water, AMA is the first social business of a large company in Brazil.
Having transparency as one of our values, all profits obtained from the sale of AMA are reverted to projects that bring drinking water to communities in a situation of scarcity.
One of the five new environmental targets announced in 2018 establishes that, by 2025, 100% of the communities located around the company's operations in areas of high water risk will have, in a measurable way, better quality and availability of the resource.

With the aim of financing water access projects, all profits obtained from the sale of AMA are reverted to projects that bring drinking water to communities in the semi-arid region and urban outskirts of Brazil. To ensure long-term access to water, we work with partners to ensure that beneficiary communities are able to manage the projects, thus ensuring their long-term sustainability.
As examples of supported projects are the drilling of deep wells; the revitalization of distribution systems that were inoperative; and the construction of cisterns in schools, among others.
AMA also aims to make consumers aware of the problem of drought and lack of water in other regions of the country. With this project, we contribute to social development and unite consumers and communities, often far from each other, around the same cause, promoting the collective good.

Current results:
• 249,996 beneficiaries
• Projects in 81 communities
• 12 states (SP, RJ, MG, BA, SE, AL, PE, PB, RN, CE, PI, AC)

We want to bring access to water to 1 million people by 2025, through projects that guarantee sustainable access to beneficiaries.
AMA waters are sold in four versions: plastic bottles of 500 ml and 1.5 l, and in 350 ml cans with and without gas, recyclable 100%.
We were the first company to launch canned water in Brazil, an innovation in line with Ambev's commitment to eliminate plastic pollution by 2025.

Data is collected by partner organizations that monitor the results of actions through reports and impact assessments before and after each implementation, measuring water availability and quality, reduction of waterborne diseases, access to education and school attendance.

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