Basins and Forests

Basins & Forests Program has the mission of collaborating in the recovery and preservation of important river basins in the country. Through a broad diagnosis of each basin, we gathered a series of partners and outlined a local plan with actions that include access to water and sanitation, environmental education, ecological restoration, conservation practices and strengthening of entities and the local community.
With the objective of protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems, including mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes, supporting and strengthening the participation of local communities, to improve water management and sanitation, the program completed 10 years in 2020 In these 10 years, we have already impacted basins in Brasília, in the São Paulo regions of Jaguariúna, Jundiaí and Jacareí, in the region of Rio Claro (RJ), in addition to Minas Gerais and Goiás.
One of the main objectives to guarantee the continuity of the program's actions is the Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) to rural producers. The objective is to offer economic incentives to rural producers who are committed to forest recovery and conservation practices on their properties. In addition, with the structuring of governance and engagement of partners, the project ensures resources to fully finance all conservation measures necessary for the environmental adequacy of the property so that it is able to participate in the project.

The program has a format to seek its own sustainability over the years. Since the first phase with the engagement of local actors such as community leaders, rural producers, city halls, representatives of basin committees, local NGOs and research entities, we have worked together with TNC and WWF Brazil to identify and unlock public policies and resources to the restoration and preservation of watersheds, access to water and sanitation.
Our role is to encourage and empower local actors to take the lead in the programs.
Since 2010, the company has preserved more than 10,000 hectares of vegetation and planted around 1.8 million trees (700 hectares restored).
In addition to supporting the development of local public policies to encourage payment for environmental services (PES) such as the Public Policies of Jundiai: Municipal Law No. 8.607/2016 and Municipal Decree No. 27.353/2018, of Jaguariúna: Municipal Law No. 2.218 /2014, from Rio Claro: Municipal Law No. 760/2014 and Decree No. 2228/2016, from Jacareí: pending at the city council, Sete Lagoas Water Producer Program, Pro Water Program Policy Law 4,108/2021 (February 8 2021) in Annapolis.

Our goal is public and was disclosed in 2018 with the objective of measurably improving the availability and quality of water for 100% communities in areas of high water stress with which the breweries interact.
Today in all areas in Brazil we have projects in the implementation phase of actions with the monitoring plan in progress to quantify the impacts of actions.

The program in each location has a specific action plan and, preserving the particularities of each region, we aim to address the main challenges and problems related to water.
Even preserving the particularities, the Basins and Forests Program has quantitative and qualitative indicators to monitor the progress of actions within ABI's global methodology for managing watersheds and to measure the benefits of these actions in favor of improving the availability and quality of water.
Some of these KPIs are conservation and restoration of soils and forests within priority areas for water recharge, people benefiting from access to water and rural sanitation, families receiving PSA and the Water Quality Index (WQI) at the program monitoring points.

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