Seek disclosure about initiatives in Water Management, focusing on the austerity of water resources in the company

  • Establish an annual disclosure calendar on communications to be carried out with the company's strategic areas, and disseminate initiatives in official public media, such as the Sustainability Report, digital vehicles and internal channels with employees. 
  • The objective is to seek dissemination among public and private entities, and the community in general, demonstrating the company's commitment in the national water context, in the face of market demands on responsibility and governance.
  • In addition, a communication channel to be explored should be directed to Rumo's managers and employees, seeking to promote effective awareness and what impacts on waste in the company's operations processes.
  • Communication initiatives today take place through the Sustainability Report, published annually with information and initiatives in water resource management, as well as social media and partnerships with universities to generate value for students, communities and the business.
  • Regarding the main deliveries, we can mention the awareness of employees on the environmental issue, through online training available on the POC platform. In 2021, 16,415 employees and third parties were trained in online training, in addition to DDS carried out with the teams.
  • Another initiative carried out is the publication of the Sustainability Report, with the consolidation of water management practices carried out by Rumo, available for consultation at Sustainability | Rumo Logística.
  • Structuring an annual communication plan, with the collaborative participation of strategic areas at Rumo for dissemination to internal and external audiences. Answer: Communication. Deadline: Dec/22 – annual update.
  • Publication of the Sustainability Report to the market – Resp: ESG and Environment. Deadline: May/22 – annual update.
  • Survey and evaluate other communication platforms, questionnaires and commitments in Water Management that are viable for the business. Resp: ESG, Communication, Facilities and Environment. Deadline: Dec/22.
  • Foster a repository bank of communications carried out by the Communication area, recording the date, theme and target audience, with semi-annual feed, following the Communication Planning designed.
  • Monthly monitor water consumption and expenditures on bills, and assess the correlation of initiatives with consumption reduction or good practices implemented in the company, focusing on units ranked as the largest consumers. This initiative will be carried out through a Water Consumption Lighthouse, the basis of which are the monthly bills of the consumer units (m³), registered in the name of Rumo, at the supply concessionaires.

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