Water performance communication

Caramuru is one of the largest grain processors in Brazil, with 5 industrial plants, one in Mato Grosso and another in Paraná), the commodities are processed and give rise to a broad portfolio: special oils, soy lecithin, soy processing, refined glycerin, biodiesel, Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC), germ and foods that make up the Sinhá brand (olive oil, popcorn, farofas, proteins, packaged corn), among others. Differentiated commodities (SPC, lecithin and bran from non-transgenic oilseeds) are in strong international demand. The company is not vertically integrated, DOES NOT HAVE ITS OWN PLANTS, all grain purchased (soy, corn and sunflower) – 2.4 million tons in 2021 comes from 5.5 thousand partner rural producers, monitored with environmental criteria, therefore, the Water consumption is concentrated in industrial production. 

In 2021, its first Sustainability Report was released following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report presents the Company's trajectory throughout 2021, highlighting its certifications, commitments to sustainability and describing its management approach and indicators for the material topics identified. In addition, the report also contemplates the form of management for the natural resource water and for the issue of effluent. Caramuru supplies its industrial plants and warehouses with surface and deep collection water; only the plant in Apucarana (PR) is supplied by the local concessionaire. Consumption is monitored daily, with monthly analysis of measured data. With this, the Company advances in its objective of cultivating a transparent relationship with all stakeholders, addressing the demands of national and international investors and disseminating the company's value generation, thus reinforcing its constant search for the best practices of corporate governance and business sustainability .

In order to impact the company's external public, we carried out visits to the Effluent and Water Treatment Station unit and impacted students from schools in the regions where we are installed on the importance of water and its conscious use. We also carried out visits to partner schools, taking the topic of liquid waste to the classroom, passing on good waste management practices applied at Caramuru Alimentos to the Community. 

Caramuru Alimentos operates in the development of the Learning with You program and supporting Junior Achievement projects, carrying out applications in the Schools of the cities in which the Units are installed, dealing with the Sustainability theme, such as the program “Our Planet, Our Home”, “Attitude for the planet”, among others, which reaches young people in elementary and high school, leading students to attitudes that we can carry out today to contribute to the Environment. 

At the institutional level, we are part of the Paranaíba River Basin Committee, a collegiate body made up of representatives of public authorities and users of water resources. Among other activities, the Committee debates the implementation of the Water Resources Plan for the Basin and the formulation of public policies regarding the River.

Annually, we prepare the annual sustainability report for the year 2021. We had the challenge of following the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative methodology. In 2022, we also created the working group GT – water and effluent, as mentioned in the previous topic, and with that we are carrying out more efficient management and monitoring of water consumption at all Units and reporting to the board every quarter the closing of the months .

For the coming years, our challenge is to continue with our work on preparing the Caramuru Group's sustainability report and greenhouse gas inventory. We also have an action to receive visits from students from schools in the communities, with the aim of impacting society on the conscious use of our water resources. 

In 2023, our action is to create, together with Caramuru's Internal Communication area, an awareness campaign on the conscientious use of water for employees in 2023 and to further disseminate the Water theme throughout the Caramuru Group. And the most important challenge we fear for 2025 is to achieve the objective of reducing water withdrawal by 20% and Reusing 70% of the Group's Treated Effluent, for this, we have several actions in progress to reach the goal.

The assessment is carried out through the preparation of the sustainability report annually, which describes all the performance, consumption and emissions that the Group presented throughout the year. In addition to the published annual report, we have daily measurements of water consumption, which we report daily in the productivity report (relat). 

There is an indicator of water consumption per ton of processed grain, which is monitored in the Operational Performance Indicator, following the DDO methodology (Operational Performance Diagnosis) and if the monthly intake is greater than the target stipulated by the indicator, it must be develop an action plan to achieve this goal.

As previously mentioned, all action plans are inserted into Caramuru's action plan management platform and monitored by the person responsible for the action, the Investor Relations area and the Industrial Board.

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