Continuous improvement of the systematization of information on water resources and effluents

Since 2009, we have had a specific corporate database for water resources and effluents, the Data Hidro (Corporate System on Water Resources and Effluents). It registers, consults and processes information on the volumes of water used, collection sources, potentially polluting loads discharged, volumes of industrial and sanitary effluents, costs involved, among other technical-operational parameters.

Through Data Hidro, we are able to carry out our inventories of water use and effluent generation, covering more than 300 installations, and to have detailed information on their water balances, which makes it possible to assess performance, identify threats and opportunities and define the necessary actions for the continuous improvement of management.

Data Hidro allows the recording and consultation of quantitative and qualitative data of the main water streams entering and leaving the company's operating units, allowing quick access to information in an integrated manner, in addition to having several reporting and data analysis tools via BI.

Aiming at continuous evolution in our system of consolidation, critical analysis and dissemination of information related to water and effluents, the company is currently undergoing a project aimed at migrating the current database to the SAP SMS* platform – EM Module (Environment Management ), as detailed in the following items.

Our goal is to have the new system in place by 2025, keeping our operations measured, inventoried and communicated with regard to water use and effluent generation.

*Note: known in the market as SAP EHS.

The implementation of the Data Hidro system, in 2009, was a milestone in the management of water resources and effluents at Petrobras, allowing the systematization of monitoring and management of our performance indicators, detailed knowledge of the water balance of all facilities that use water, and the critical analysis between different installations of the same typology, with consequent identification of necessary actions to improve management.

In addition, we made progress in the complete inventory of water use and effluent generation, allowing the reporting of information at an excellent level of quality, meeting the main sustainability reporting requirements (such as the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative), the demands of investors in the form of questionnaires such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and CDP Water Security, and ensuring the transparency of information. At the DJSI, for the 4th consecutive year, we obtained the maximum score in the Water-Related Risk Management criterion and, at the CDP Water Safety, we were classified as A- (Leadership) for the 2nd consecutive year. The existence of an information system that allows us to manage the topic is essential to achieve these good results. In addition, our Sustainability Reports are always assured by a third party audit.

Aiming at continuous evolution in our system of consolidation, critical analysis and dissemination of information related to water and effluent, a project is under way to integrate information from different HSE processes − Safety, Environment and Health − on a platform unique, SAP SMS. With this, we seek greater agility in calculating and monitoring indicators, in obtaining information for reports and external demands and greater integration with other systems and processes. Since 2021, SAP SMS, in its EM Module (Environment Management), has undergone parameterizations so that it is capable of fully meeting the company's water resources and effluent management processes, considering the experience acquired with Data Hidro in this function by over the years, in addition to bringing more productivity and features to resource management.

Our goal is to have the new system in place by 2025, keeping our operations measured, inventoried and communicated with regard to water use and effluent generation. Therefore, in 2023, the completion of the parameterization phase, carrying out tests and training on the system is scheduled and, by 2025, its implementation, through its configuration for data reception, construction of interfaces, migration of historical data and routine use by users.

The first activities of the SAP SMS implementation project were to assess whether the tool, as currently available on the market, fully met Petrobras' needs or whether it had gaps in relation to what we consider necessary for management and what exists in Data Hidro. Then, the needs for adjustments were identified so that the tool fully meets us.

Throughout 2022, the tool configuration stage took place, in which the SAP team developed it to remedy the identified gaps. On a weekly basis, this team presented progress to the Petrobras technical team (Squad), made up of water resources and effluent professionals who work with all types of company activities, who tested developments, validated them or requested corrections/adjustments.

Currently, the integrated test stage is in progress, where Squad tests in detail all the configured functionalities, step-by-step, as a set, an entire system. At this stage, weekly meetings are also held for testing, adjustments and improvements.

Then there will be tests with users and, subsequently, the structuring of the system to receive the information.

In this stage, the system will be fed with the company's organizational structure, the water flows of each installation and the attributes and parameters of each flow.

Finally, we will move on to the stage of using the system. The coordination of the SMS module implementation project at Petrobras is carried out through the Trans4mar project, managed by the Information Technology and Telecommunications (ICT) area, supported by the SMS Digital and Analytical Solutions area, and the implementation is related to resources and effluents (EM Module – Environment Management) is led by the Corporate Management for the Environment, with tactical guidance in a weekly forum with the participation of representatives from areas of the company that are related to the topic.

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