Basins and Forests

Basins & Forests Program has the mission of collaborating in the recovery and preservation of important river basins in the country. Through a broad diagnosis of each basin, we gathered a series of partners and outlined a local plan with actions that include access to water and sanitation, environmental education, ecological restoration, conservation practices and […]

Engagement for water saving solutions

As a beverage company, water is our main raw material and its preservation is part of our business strategy, not only because it represents more than 90% in beer, our main product, but because it is an essential resource for the economic, social and environmental well-being of society. So there are more […]

Ama water produced to fight shortages

Our efforts in favor of water security are not limited to improving consumption efficiency. In 2017, Ambev launched Água Ama, created with the aim of transforming the reality of thousands of people who do not have access to water, AMA is the first social business of a large company in […]

Creation of a free water loss assessment platform

Ambev created and makes the SAVEh platform available free of charge to any interested company, which calculates water losses in processes. Through this platform, we share our expertise in reducing water consumption with other companies that use the resource in their production process.