Projects in partnership with the Trata Brasil institute

The inclusion of the water theme in BRK's business strategy includes partnerships with the Trata Brasil institute. The work seeks to develop studies and projects that reflect the importance of sanitation in people's lives. The company also maintains a partnership with the institution Comunitas, for the “Together for Sustainable Development” project. The initiative […]

Reduction of losses and focus on reused water

BRK develops projects and initiatives to mitigate water risks for the business, with a special focus on controlling and reducing losses, production and expansion of the use of reused water, water and effluent quality and strategic projects for operational efficiency. One of the highlights is Aquapolo, which supplies 650 liters/second […]

Projects in partnership with civil society organizations

Projects involving water resources are the object of a partnership between BRK and organizations. All initiatives must follow an extensive and exhaustive impact assessment methodology. The company sponsored the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Water Innovation Lab Brasil, which consists of a series of meetings in the country with themes related to water. […]

Development of the Sustainable Procurement Program

Concerned with the dissemination of good practices in its value chain focused on efficient use of water, BRK is developing a program of “Sustainable Purchases”. The main objective of the program will be, based on critical purchasing categories, to evaluate and develop suppliers based on different criteria.

Use of technology to reduce losses in Limeira (SP)

According to the 2018 Sanitation Ranking by the Trata Brasil Institute, which analyzes indicators related to the level of coverage, improvement of coverage and level of efficiency, in the provision of water and sewage services, Limeira ranked 6th, confirming its condition of reference of the latest rankings published by the Trata Brasil Institute.