Environmental Due Diligence

Within the scope of the Sustainability 4.0 Program, Eletrobras developed the “Sustainable Management of the Value Chain” Project, which has as one of its objectives to establish the structured Due Diligence process of suppliers in environmental, human rights and integrity aspects standardized for Eletrobras companies . As a result of this project, Eletrobras started to adopt, […]

Eletrobras Companies Socio-environmental Project Notice

In 2021, the Eletrobras companies published the first Notice of Social and Environmental Projects. The Notice received 180 entries and selected 10 projects located in municipalities where there are power plants, substations, transmission lines or administrative headquarters of the Eletrobras companies or integrate hydrographic basins where the companies' hydroelectric plants are installed and, at the same time, have conservation areas […]

Communication on water management

Water is a material theme for our company. The Eletrobras companies measure the withdrawal and consumption of water and publicly communicate the company's water management through the Annual Report, the SASB Report, CDP Water, and through the websites of their companies. The Annual Report highlights withdrawal and consumption data […]

Water-related risk mapping

The main objective of Integrated Risk Management at Eletrobras Companies is to avoid the occurrence of events that may negatively impact their strategic objectives, in favor of generating and preserving value and providing transparent information to the market and its shareholders. The risk management process is the translation of […]

The theme of water in Eletrobras' business strategy

More than 90% of the electricity generated by Eletrobras comes from hydroelectric plants. Water is a material theme for our company. We have specific Policies to address the issue, such as the Water Resources Policy, approved in 2010, in addition to the Environmental Policy and the Sustainability Policy. In the Sustainability 4.0 Program, we developed a subproject that aims to improve […]

Assessment of climate change impacts

The MudClima Project assesses the impacts of climate change on planning for the expansion and operation of hydroelectric activities. The initiative also provides for the establishment of resilience indicators on water security.

Annual Report, CDP Water and website

Eletrobras companies measure and publicly communicate water management in the company. CDP Water parameters, the Annual Sustainability Report and their companies' websites are used.

Restoration of riparian forest around Lake Furnas

Eletrobras Furnas maintains a partnership with the municipalities surrounding the Usina de Furnas dam (MG). The objective is to develop a riparian forest recovery program for greater water security. There are around 400 springs in the Lake's Area of Direct Influence.