IEC supports We Are Still In from We Mean Business

Public statement

IEC supports We Are Still In from the We Mean Business Coalition. We will also continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement.

During 2015, IEC had a major role mobilizing companies to contribute to the processes for the Paris Agreement and Brazilian NDC’s conception. We prepared statements listing actions that would be necessary for the transition to a low carbon economy. We mobilized high-level leaders from companies and federal government, so they could strengthen the global effort to keep global average temperature at the surface level at the safe recommended level.

We believe that, with US withdrawal from the Agreement, it becomes even more urgent to unite all sectors together: civil society, companies and government, which are also against this decision and strongly standing for their commitments. We understand this is crucial for maintaining the global temperature at a safe level for the next generations.

As the brazilian business sector we will seek to strengthen this mobilization within the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change during COP23 in Bonn.

CDP – CEBDS – GVces – Envolverde – Instituto Ethos – Pacto Global

*IEC means Climate Corporate Initiative, a group of six organizations whose mission is to engage companies to promote a low carbon economy.