Biodiversity Commitment

Initiative with the objective of integrating biodiversity into the companies' business strategy and contributing to the sharing of knowledge and the co-creation of good practices that favor the rational use of biodiversity resources.



Insert the theme of biodiversity in the company's business strategy.


Apply the mitigation hierarchy, prevent, mitigate, recover and compensate for impacts on biodiversity, throughout the life cycle of projects.


Promote and strengthen best practices that favor the rational use of biodiversity resources.


Develop and encourage studies, research projects, technology and innovation that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Knowing the biological diversity of the areas where the company operates and, whenever possible, monitoring and measuring impacts and dependencies.


Make the collected information publicly available, in order to collaborate with the management of the region's biodiversity and make this information transparent to society.


Disseminate knowledge related to biodiversity and ecosystem services within the scope of its activities and value chain.


Boost conservation and recovery actions in the regions where the company operates, seeking a net positive impact on biodiversity.


Engage communities located in the regions where the company operates in order to strengthen their involvement with biodiversity conservation and maintenance of ecosystem services.

About the initiative

This document aims to emphasize the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for companies, as well as the fundamental role that they can play in their conservation and sustainable use based on sustainable patterns of consumption and production. We start from the premise of acting in line with the national and global strategic plans for biodiversity, seeking to contribute to its objectives and goals.



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