CEBDS participates in the Alcoa and Community Panel, in Juriti, AM

On the 8th and 9th of February, we were in Juruti, in the Amazon, to celebrate the results and recognize the performance of community projects and programs supported in the region by the Alcoa Institute and Alcoa Foundation, linked to Alcoa, a CEBDS associate company.

The 3rd “Alcoa and Community Panel” presented partner organizations such as CEBDS, Exame, Grupo + Unidos and ABAL (Brazilian Aluminum Association), as well as community leaders, authorities and Alcoa leaders on the benefits of the initiatives that have been applied in the region, guided by the concept of sustainable mining. For example, from 2017 to 2021, Instituto Alcoa invested in 42 projects that potentially benefited 18,000 people.

On the trip, we also got to know some of these community projects and the company's operations. For Karina Simão, Consultant responsible for the Amazon Agenda at CEBDS, “it is fundamental to know the operations and dialogue between companies and the local communities of companies that have activities in the Amazon biome. Alcoa is a reference in the region in this aspect, not only focusing on mitigating its impacts, but also promoting socioeconomic development in the region”.


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