CEBDS holds workshop on Water Security

The Brazilian Business Commitment to Water Security was the topic of a meeting between CEBDS members, on April 13th. On the occasion, the new signatories presented the goals to which the respective companies committed themselves: Caramuru Alimentos SA, represented by Isadora Aredes Maionchi; Vale, represented by David Veiga Soares and Petrobras, represented by André Bueno Portes and Gregório da Cruz Araújo Maciel.

Braskem's corporate coordinator for Sustainable Development, Luiz Carlos Xavier, participated in the meeting, presenting an overview of water security and the main opportunities on the subject.

“Tools for monitoring consumption and controlling water was a topic that generated a lot of debate, showing that companies are investing in the analysis of indicators. Another highlight was the inclusion of social, economic and governance aspects, for example, which some companies are using as a definition for water security”, says technical analyst at CT Água, André Melo.

With the participation of more than 45 associates, this was another opportunity for companies to delve deeper into the topic. Find out about the Commitment:


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