Do you know what corporate sustainability is?

Corporate sustainability is the set of economically sustainable and socially responsible business actions and policies that ensure sustainable development. The company's prominence and relevance within its market is perhaps one of the main indicators of success. And, corporate sustainability plays an extremely important role in the search for this recognition.

Corporate sustainability is linked to the business and industry development. Development that is the result of economic growth and that requires measures to protect social, environmental and economic aspects.

It is necessary that the growth of a business should not be beneficial only to its owners. The consumer and others stakeholders linked to the company also need to benefit. All without harming the environment in which it is found.

As it is intrinsic to the very development of the business, corporate sustainability is a recurrent agenda in companies that work towards sustainable development.

Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a concern of the business world. Paying attention to the sustainable aspect of business, in addition to environmental and social impacts, can determine the future of the company and even the environment. It is also necessary to analyze the cost that sustainable actions will have for the company. The return on investment and capital invested must be observed.

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ” (Brundtland, 1987)

One of the leading experts in corporate sustainable responsibility, John Elkington, says that for any project to be sustainable it needs to be: ecologically viable; Ecologically correct; and ecologically fair.

It is necessary that corporate sustainability works for the company that uses sustainable development policies. Actions, policies and decisions have to be sustainable for the company, this will guarantee the future of the business.


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