1st Edition Carbon Management Program

The project promotes training of large company suppliers for development of Greenhouse Gas Emission (GEE) inventories. During 2012 the project undertook the training of 32 company suppliers for Vale, Votorantim, Banco do Brasil and Itaú to develop Greenhouse Gas Emission (GEE) inventories. The program originated from the premise that a large portion of the emissions are not a result of production processes nor a sub-product of energy generated for these processes, but instead from the supplier chain. With the support of KPMG, the program sought to gather as many of the common suppliers among the participating companies as possible. The objective was to make them aware both of climate change and the need to conduct inventories, and then train them for this measurement. Of the 32 suppliers trained, 22 submitted total or partial GEE inventories to the participating companies. The figure shows that the project had a success rate of approximately 70% with the trained suppliers and constitutes an important tool for the companies since they have perceived that the largest source of GEE emissions in their production is from their supplier chain.