Micro-credit and Micro-insurance in Brazil

CEBDS and the largest financial institutions in the country have joined to stimulate even more the access to micro-financing in Brazil, considering that the service has the potential of becoming one of the main pillars of financial sustainability. The Thematic Chamber for Sustainable Finances explored the micro-finance theme internally and decided to develop a document to foster discussion and seek efficient mechanism to expand the financial feasibility of this business model. An original initiative in Brazil conducted by the Chamber members, the publication launched in October 2013 contains testimonies by specialists from the most important financial institutions in the country, both from the banking area as the insurance industry. The publication covers teachings developed in academia and describes some real cases. The study shows that the segment is now consolidated as the most adequate for the low-income population that is traditionally excluded from the financial system. Furthermore, it shows that micro-finance has the potential to reduce social inequality and generate financial sustainability for Brazil. The Bradesco, Santander, Itaú, Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil banks and Allianz Seguros, BB and Mapfre and Bradesco Seguros insurers participated in the publication and contributed with their cases and implementation experiences for these products in their portfolios.