Efficient electricity consumption: an agenda for Brazil

Year: 2016

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In the context of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris (COP 21), the Brazilian Government, in its nationally determined contribution (NDC), undertook to achieve 10% energy efficiency gain in the power industry by 2030. However, CEBDS believes that it is possible to seek more ambitious alternatives to the one stated above. This paper, therefore, has the following objectives:

-ŒIdentify Brazil`s potential for electricity conservation; 

-Define conservation scenarios for the 2030 target and evaluate benefits based on simulating the operation of the National Interconnected System (NIS);

-Identify the main barriers preventing use of this potential;

-Propose a plan with measures and actions to overcome identified barriers in order to achieve the energy conservation levels established in the simulated scenarios;

-Assess the costs of implementing these measures.