Study of Good Business Practices in the Amazon

What is the role of the private sector in the Amazon today?
This was the main question that guided this study.
and guided the surveys and dialogues with companies and specialists
interviewed in recent months. Generate shared value,
contribute to local development, value the forest in
foot and its assets, promote the bioeconomy, support and strengthen
public policies that value the region… There is not a single
response. But they all point in the same direction:
the coming years, companies should play a leading role
for the construction of a new development model that
will be Brazil's great differential in the global economy. That includes
both companies that operate directly in the Amazon, those that do not
are located in the Amazon but buy products or inputs
local, and even those that have no relation
with the region, but will operate to achieve ESG goals or
to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in Brazil.

The purpose of this study is to point out ways and opportunities
for a greater engagement of the private sector in the incorporation
of practices that contribute to the conservation of forests
and sustainable development in the region. the solutions
exemplified are applicable to different contexts of

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