Guide to Corporate Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

The Guide to Corporate Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Brazil seeks to bring reflections on what the current market is like and the main points that lead companies to invest in these contracts, on the main regulatory issues involved and trends for the coming years .

The objective is to provide an important contribution to the topic, as signing a PPA can bring a series of benefits to the company and society, ranging from a more competitive cost for renewable energy sources to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

What are PPA contracts?

The PPAs are renewable energy purchase agreements, with a view to making investments for the construction of new plants and the delivery of energy to the consumer in subsequent years feasible.

Signing a PPA is a complex decision for most companies, as it requires the involvement of different teams such as engineering, sustainability, legal, financial, among others. This multidisciplinary character can often make the decision to go ahead with a PPA quite challenging for any organization.

This guide seeks to contribute in more detail with companies that wish to study PPA contracts and evaluate this form of purchasing renewable energy. The content was designed in such a way that it could present in detail the main concepts and points that may eventually generate concerns and doubts for the teams involved.

Access the document here.

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