Guidelines for Issuing Green Bonds in Brazil 2016

Year: 2016

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Among the financial instruments available to fill this gap and mobilize investments in activities with positive environmental and climate characteristics, there are the so-called Green Bonds, which are the subject of this guide. With the fast growth observed in the international market, the potential of this instrument was explicitly reinforced in the scope of G20 in a recent report prepared by the “Climate Finance Study Group”, which recommended promoting and encouraging local markets of Green Bonds. In this context, this guide aims at providing guidelines to participants and stakeholders in the Brazilian fixed income securities market regarding the process of issuing Green Bonds.

The Guide has a recommendatory nature and is intended for agents of the Brazilian Green Bonds market, including potential Issuers (such as companies and financial institutions), Underwriters, Investors, External ReviewAgents, as well as other participants. However, it does not intend to exhaust the topic. The project was conducted by the Working Group on Green Bonds of FEBRABAN – Brazilian Federation of Banks, and by the Thematic Chamber on Sustainable Finance of CEBDS – Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, with technical support from SITAWI Finance for Good and from the Center for Sustainability Studies of Getúlio Vargas Foundation (GVces).