Unlocking energy efficiency financing in Brazil

Year: 2015

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The project “Unlocking energy efficiency financing in Brazil: financial and non-financial solutions for market agents” arose from CEBDS’s and its associates’ recognition of the key role played by the financial sector and com-panies in the development of a national energy efficiency market in Brazil.

This study aims at identifying the obstacles that prevent or hamper access to resources available to finance sustainability projects focused on energy efficiency, and at proposing changes that would minimize those issues. This study is methodologically based on formulating and testing hy-pothesis on obstacles to financing energy efficiency projects in Brazil. After understanding the most relevant obstacles through literature review and the collection of economical and financial data, some semi-structured inter-views with staff from relevant businesses, financial institutions and associa-tions were carried out. In the end, we tried to understand the international know-how that has already been collected before suggesting financial and non-financial instruments to overcome obstacles.