Sustentável 2016 – The main sustainability event in Brazil


The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) will promote on October 25, in Rio de Janeiro, the “Sustentável 2016” – International Congress on Sustainable Development. It will take place in the Museu do Amanhã auditorium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and the event has two big missions:

  1. discuss the relevance of sustainability as an alternative to the global crisis’ impacts;
  2. in partnership with the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), pay tribute to the great names who started talking about sustainability in Brazil that, for their vanguard vision, have opened an important way until here.

The event will bring together government authorities, business leaders, representatives of academia and civil society, from Brazil and other countries. We are expecting to have around 400 participants.

Check the complete agenda:

Panel 1 9:40am to 11:00am

Sustainability in a crisis scenario

A debate that will address the important role of sustainability as an alternative to the impacts of the global crisis.

Making sustainability a reality to the private sector goes mandatorily through making structuring actions on that matter financially feasible. On the other hand, specific and preferential investment portfolios and other similar financial tools that give priority to sustainability need not only defined potential demand, but also mechanisms to clearly identify risks related to social and environmental activities.

Despite the benefits of projects for sustainability, their viability is still difficult due to issues both internal to companies and of credit analysis by financial institutions, especially in a crisis scenario.

Green Bonds markets have been gaining space around the world, with the aim to supporting the development of an efficient and sustainable market. The goal of this congress is to discuss the next steps to support the sustainable financial transformation in Brazil. Are we ready for this crisis scenario?  What is the role of Brazil, our companies and society in building this challenging scenario?


  • Justine Leigh-Bell, director at Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Roger Koeppl, president of YouGreen Cooperative
  • Sergio Besserman, president of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

      Moderator:  Linda Murasawa, Executive superintendent of Santander

Panel 2 – 11am to 12:20pm

The new relation between Business and Natural Resources

A debate about how to valuate and report sustainability management, integrating its financial gains to natural capital.

With the growing pressure over the world’s natural resources, companies have an increasingly important role in finding solutions that benefit both the environment and their own business plans.

Natural Capital includes all natural resources (soil, air, water, flora and fauna) and also the services provided by ecosystems, known as ecosystemic or environmental services. Natural Capital’s products and services constitute the base for the provision of food, fiber, water, health, energy, climate security and other essential elements to society. It is a fact that, in most cases, Natural Capital is not part of companies’ balance sheet, which causes its consumption cost not to be measured and consequently putting its maintenance in the medium and long terms at risk.

The aim of this panel is to present a general view over the debates regarding the financial sector’s inclusion of Natural Capital, with the purpose of broadening our understanding of the issue.


  • Ana Carolina Szklo, senior Project Manager and Technical Assistant at CEBDS
  • Kevin Moss, global director of the World Resources Institute (WRI).
  • Marcelo Alonso, director of sustainability at Natura

Moderator: Daniela Lerda, CLUA Brazil Initiative, Ford Foundation

Panel 3 – 2:00pm to 3:20pm

The future of Cities and Sustainable Mobility

A debate about how is going to be the mobility and the cities in the future, and its relations in terms of social and environmental impacts.

Nowadays, people are concentrated in cities, and it is in urban environments that the main challenges and also solutions present themselves. That is why it is so important to use them and their good examples as starting points to find scalable solutions to promote a sustainable transformation of this model.  This panel will be discussing the main challenges of this so-needed transformation, addressing themes such as residues, energy, construction and social engagement.


  • Jailson Silva, general coordinator of Observatório de Favelas do Rio de Janeiro (Slum Observatory) in Rio de Janeiro
  • Pedro Junqueira, director of Operations at Rio Operations Center.
  • Rasmus Valanko, director of Climate and Energy of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Moderator: Ronaldo Balassiano, Professor of the Transportation Engineering Program at COPPE/UFRJ

Panel 4 – 3:20pm to 16:40pm

Where we came from, where we are, and where we go

A debate to discuss the relevance of sustainability as an alternative to the global crisis’ impacts, and in partnership with the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), pay tribute to the great names who started talking about sustainability in Brazil, over 20 years, that for their vanguard vision have opened an important way until here.

Keynote speaker: Israel Klabin, presidente Brazilian foundation for sustainable Development (FBDS) §  Maria Silvia Bastos Marques, president of National Bank of Social Economic Development (BNDES)

  • Israel Klabin, president of FBDS
  • Fabio Feldmann, environmental lawyer
  • Eliezer Batista, ex-minister and ex-president of Vale
  • Erling Lorentzen, presidente de honra do CEBDS

Moderator: Marina Grossi, president of CEBDS



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