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Join an influential initiative that brings together more than 100 business groups dedicated to driving the transition to a truly sustainable future. Since 1997 we have worked towards this goal, and your company can also be part of this journey.


We are simultaneously experiencing several challenges that are intertwined and to which all actors, including business, need to respond urgently. It is essential that companies act together to promote a new economic model that reduces social injustice, based on low-carbon activities that do not deplete our natural resources and that preserve biodiversity.


By becoming a member of CEBDS, your company will join a cutting-edge initiative and will have the opportunity to contribute directly to facing society's main challenges and collaborate with the preservation of life on earth.


Your company will become a protagonist in the corporate scenario, participating in the co-creation of innovative business solutions together with more than 100 business groups that account for approximately 50% of GDP, in addition to more than 1 million jobs generated.


Get exclusive access to innovative tools and methodologies that will help you on your journey towards sustainability. In addition, you will be able to influence the creation of public policies and strategically collaborate with renowned partners.

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