The successive water stress crises faced in the country in recent years demand an agile and effective response from companies to ensure water security in Brazil.


Given its relevance, CEBDS created, in 2007, the Water Thematic Chamber with the aim of deepening understanding on the subject, as well as investigating the impact and opportunities arising from investment in basic sanitation and the actions of the business sector in the dynamics of of water resources. This path is essential to improve the allocation of this resource, increasing resilience and reducing risks and shortages, increasingly reinforcing the importance of water in the daily lives of companies and the population. Through raising awareness, engagement, articulation, sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge, CEBDS, together with associated companies, manages to broaden the debate on the subject and effectively contribute to the development of responses to such an urgent agenda. 


  • Institute, improve and universalize best practices and water resources management tools for the business sector.
  • Understand and coordinate actions to overcome the risks and vulnerabilities inherent in the management of water resources in the business sector, especially those related to climate change.
  • Assist in understanding the interface between the business sector and the issue of sanitation in Brazil and promote complementary solutions at adequate scale and speed.
  • Promote and assist the participation of the business sector, in a decisive and proactive way, within the scope of river basins.
  • Disseminate and engage companies in incorporating actions in favor of water security in their business models, aiming to increase the availability and quality of water bodies for their operations and the surrounding community.
  • Intensify commitments in relation to water through measures that minimize the use of the resource in its production processes, as well as to become more efficient.
  • Promote and disseminate knowledge about the life cycle of water, through the involvement of all links in the value chain, in favor of reducing the water footprint and increasing efficiency in the use of water.
  • Promote the reuse of water in the operations of organizations and make it feasible throughout the value chain so that it is possible to achieve circularity in 2050.
  • Promote the development of the water and sanitation sector in the country through partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society.


Mariana Apple


Mariana Apple

With a degree in Ecology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a specialization in Water Resources from UniRio, she has been working in the area of environment and sustainability for over 11 years, holding various roles at Ambev, including a specialist in water management , environmental manager and project and environmental licensing coordinator. Today, as sustainability manager, he leads the theme of water and biodiversity at Ambev in South America.

Luis Paulo Zanin Armacollo


Luis Paulo Zanin Armacollo

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná and MBA student in Strategic Business Management from UFPR. He worked in the area of water management within a steel group in France for 4 years, and currently as Corporae Accunt Manager of Ecolab for Heavy Industry in Latin America, he is responsible for supporting customers in this market in the implementation of business and sustainability strategies through of water resources management. He is also a member of the Energy and Utilities Committee of the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy.



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