Currently, the world is impacted in a transversal way by three major challenges: the loss of biodiversity, social inequality and the climate emergency. This scenario requires that all spheres of society, collaboratively, come together to present solutions. The business sector recognizes its responsibility and has mobilized to do its part. 

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Representing the voice of the national business community on issues related to sustainability, CEBDS acts directly in facing these crises through several initiatives that, organized according to specific themes, contribute to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable business model.

These are work fronts that operate through vanguard research, articulation with governments and civil society, sharing knowledge and providing innovative tools.

Through these actions, CEBDS seeks to raise awareness, engage and inspire leaders to drive their businesses towards transformation towards a business model that the world needs.

Net Zero Platform (coming soon)

Platform with the mission of transforming corporate goals of climate neutrality into reality, through practical support to the implementation of decarbonization processes.

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Movement with the aim of encouraging the integration of the Amazon into business strategies, reaffirming the need to combat illegal deforestation and promote an inclusive, regenerative economy that prioritizes development combined with the preservation of the standing forest.

Initiative with the objective of integrating biodiversity into the companies' business strategy and contributing to the sharing of knowledge and the co-creation of good practices that favor the rational use of biodiversity resources.

Commitment whose main objective is to consolidate the effective contribution of companies to guarantee water security in Brazil, while seeking to raise awareness, engage and disseminate experiences, learning and information.

In 2023, the Conference of the Parties will be held in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December. CEBDS will be present at another edition of the COP representing the Brazilian business sector.

This initiative seeks to understand the working dynamics of different links in different agrifood chains and their relationship with deforestation.

In this initiative we seek to understand how the business sector in Brazil has addressed the issue of Biodiversity, in addition to learning about case studies, methodologies and best practices.

Through this platform, CEBDS supports companies that want to be at the forefront of conscious management of biodiversity, using scientific targets and reporting tools.

We build, in a systemic way, a vision of the future that reflects the collective and comprehensive understanding of the urgent transformations that the world needs, in addition to highlighting the challenges that lie ahead.

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