The Amazon rainforest accommodates more than half of the planet's biodiversity. To guarantee the socio-environmental preservation and sustainable development of such a vast and socio-culturally diverse territory, all social sectors must work together.


In this context, it is necessary to rethink the ways of acting and immediately develop new business models, and, thus, the concepts of solutions based on nature and natural climate solutions become great opportunities, considering renewal and regeneration premises. 

Brazil has the chance to become a major player in the climate neutrality agenda, due to the numerous technologies and environmental advantages, with the Amazon having a strategic role in the race for domestic and global decarbonization.

The Amazon Work Group (GT) has as its main objective to raise awareness and engage companies in issues relevant to the Amazon, as well as to position itself on actions of business leadership to propel positive impacts, which reconcile production and preservation for development and maintenance of the forest standing.


  • Social and economic inclusion of local communities to ensure preservation of forests
  • Inflexible fight against illegal deforestation in the Amazon and other Brazilian biomes
  • Minimization of the environmental impact in the use of natural resources in the economic activities derived therefrom
  • Valuing and preserving biodiversity as an integral part of business strategies
  • Adoption of carbon credit trading mechanisms.
  • Directing financing and investments towards a circular and low-carbon economy
  • Incentive packages for economic recovery from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic conditioned to a circular and low-carbon economy. 




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