The action of individuals and companies alone is not enough to transform the current business model. Only by converging the efforts of the various actors in society, allied to the development of favorable public policies, will we be able to make the transition to a sustainable world.


Sustainability is a State issue, regardless of ideology or party. CEBDS, on behalf of the business sector, has been working since 1997 collaborating with the construction of policies that collaborate with sustainable development. Through a collaborative approach, we articulate with governments and civil society to promote systemic changes aimed at combating the three critical challenges that impact us today – climate emergency, loss of biodiversity and social inequality.

Networking, through different work fronts, is the only viable way to solve the main socio-environmental crises that we face. And CEBDS stands out as one of the main representatives of the business sector in this journey towards sustainable development, and also as an influential catalyst for the creation of policies favorable to the socio-environmental cause.


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