Social Impact

It is imperative that we accelerate the transition to an economic model that serves people in an inclusive and participatory way, respecting human rights, in which the needs of all are met.


How can companies guide their business to promote social welfare and fight inequalities in the country? This question guides the work of this Thematic Chamber, which works, among other ways, to train companies to align their strategies with good practices related to the Human Rights agenda.

Based on the UN guiding principles on Business and Human Rights (2011), this TC works to train and disseminate good practices, tools and methodologies for companies to promote actions that generate shared value and well-being for their employees, society and value chain. In addition, the training and exchange of good practices also allows companies to become even more qualified and manage to measure the social impact of their businesses and better manage the risks linked to Human Rights.

The Social Impact CT also works to encourage discussion and seek convergence on projects and national and international regulations that deal with the subject.


  • Train companies for Human Rights tools and methodologies.
  • Foster discussions on corporate social responsibility in companies and in the territories where they operate. 
  • Foster discussions on national and international regulations related to human rights and business.
  • Stimulate the sharing of good business practices on topics relevant to the Human Rights agenda. 
  • Articulate with public authorities and civil society in order to create an environment of harmony between corporate strategies, their financing and legislation regarding the Human Rights agenda.


Clara Servant

TozziniFreire Advogados

Clara Servant

Head Partner of Business and Human Rights and Pro Bono Coordinator at TozziniFreire Advogados Female Leadership Award (CEBDS 2022). Ranked in ESG (Chambers Brazil 2022 and Chambers Global 2022), and Análise Advocacia Mulher 2021. Articulator of award-winning projects, such as Affirmative Measures for vulnerable people (Latin Lawyer 2023; and Lumen Award 2023), Mutirão Jurídico in Heliópolis (Latin Lawyer 2020) and management of trans people (Lumen Award 2022) Co-leader of the Social Impact Thematic Chamber (2021-2022) of CEBDS Officer at the Business Human Rights Committee at the IBA (International BAR Association) (2022-2023) Member of the ESG Commission of the CFA Society Brazil Coordinator of the ESG, OSC and DH Center of the 3rd Sector Law Commission – OAB/SP Master in Constitutional Law (PUC-SP), with research on Friendly Solutions at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Certified private mediator Member of the CSR Committee of the World Law Group Member of the Inclusion Working Group (pró bono, social responsibility and diversity) and of the Multidisciplinary ESG Group, both belonging to TozziniFreire Member of the Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee of CESA Alumni of the WYSE International Leadership Program

Vanessa Caldeira

Norte Energia

Vanessa Caldeira

Graduada em Ciências Sociais com ênfase em Antropologia pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG/1992/1996), mestre em Antropologia pela Pontifícia Universidade de São Paulo (PUC-SP/2004-2006). Com 25 anos de experiência, passou por organizações não governamentais, órgãos públicos e empresa privada. Atua como especialista na área de Sustentabilidade na Norte Energia S.A, com especial dedicação à elaboração de relatórios de sustentabilidade (padrão GRI) e ao tema direitos humanos.




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