Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Biodiversity loss affects the ability of ecosystems to provide essential services for the well-being and prosperity of life on earth.


The reduction of biodiversity causes profound impacts for life on Earth, such as the spread of diseases, water and food shortages, increased temperature on the planet and loss of quality of life. Brazil stands out for being the country with the greatest biological diversity, having between 15% and 20% of the world's biodiversity. Therefore, CEBDS develops several engagement initiatives with governments and companies to drive the transition to a green economy, with clean jobs, technological and production innovation, preservation of biomes, new economic opportunities and other means of guaranteeing the quality and prosperity of the life on Earth.


  • Provide information, guidance, products and tools that help companies identify opportunities and minimize risks in the area of biodiversity and biotechnology.
  • Represent in debates, in a proactive and qualified manner, the vision of companies on issues related to biodiversity and biotechnology, and formulate public policies with governments and other participation forums.
  • Disseminate best practices, demonstrating to society in general, in a simple and understandable way, the contribution of companies to the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity, as well as to the ethical and responsible use of biotechnology.
  • Stimulate sustainability in associated companies, through projects and partnerships in the area of biodiversity and biotechnology, which generate concrete results.


Letícia Guimaraes


Letícia Guimaraes

Biologist and Master in Zoology, with 23 years of experience in Biodiversity. He has been with Vale since 2010, working with Biodiversity in different areas – environmental studies, environmental licensing, compensation planning and employee training. In 2017, he started to work in the company's corporate area, with the main function of managing and implementing the Biodiversity strategy, working on long-term commitments, external engagement and response to investors.

Moara Morasche


Moara Morasche

Bióloga, trabalho há mais de 15 anos na área ambiental. Experiência com licenciamento ambiental, gestão de biodiversidade e mudanças climáticas e temas relacionados à sustentabilidade, inclusive relatórios e questionários de mercado.






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