Vision 2050

We build, in a systemic and collaborative way, a vision of the future that reflects the collective and comprehensive understanding of the urgent transformations that the world needs, in addition to highlighting the challenges that we have ahead.

About the initiative

 Vision 2050 aims to bring an up-to-date discussion of issues that began to be debated in 2012, when on the eve of the Rio+20 conference, CEBDS, together with its associated companies, developed the study Vision Brazil 2050 – the new agenda for the companies. The idea was to present a vision of a sustainable future and how it would be possible to achieve it.

Eight years later, CEBDS understood that it was time to update this vision, and started a multistakeholder process to update the 2050 Vision for Brazil. The new document is the result of a year of work with contributions from companies, academia and civil society, covering more than four thousand people.

The objective of A Visão 2050 is to assess whether companies were on the right path, whether trends were verified, in addition to including new subjects that are now an inseparable part of the sustainability agenda. For this, eight priority themes were defined: People, Cities, Circular Economy, Water and Sanitation, Biodiversity, Food, Energy and Finance.​