Commitment to Water Security

Signatory companies are committed to developing solutions for better management of water resources in their activities and choose at least 2 goals to be achieved by 2025.


Conceived from the pillars Availability, Use and Destination of water, the document establishes six goals:


Expand the inclusion of the water theme in the business strategy


Mitigate water risks to the business


Measure and publicly communicate water management in the company


Encouraging shared projects in favor of water


Promote chain engagement


Contribute with technologies, knowledge, processes and human resources

About the initiative

Understanding the urgent need to address the critical reality of Brazilian water security, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) and its associates developed in 2018 their Brazilian Business Commitment to Security Water, whose main objective is to consolidate the effective contribution of companies to water security in Brazil.


We work so that our Commitment becomes a national reference for the effective contribution of companies to water security in the country, with transparency and visibility at data and information on actions, projects and goals assumed, allowing greater engagement and dissemination of experiences, lessons learned and information.