Annual Sustainability Report and internal channels

The Annual Sustainability Report is one of the main means used by BRK to disseminate information. Other vehicles are internal communication channels.

Internal Channels

Communication Panel: Characteristics: support the communication process between BRK and employees, in order to reach the greatest number of people, since a large part of the internal public does not have access to the internet. It brings direct, concise and short texts on topics relevant to the company divided into sections.

Electronic Communications (email): sent by Outlook in HTML format, internal communications are a direct link between BRK and employees, and provide specific information about the company or a specific area. Announcements share specific and important information to a certain group of people quickly, clearly and assertively. Announcements can be scheduled and/or emergency.

BRK Portal: in addition to bringing together all the news and content circulated on other communication channels, it contextualizes each theme in a deeper way, bringing other complementary materials such as photos and videos, promoting agility, dynamism, integration and approximation of employees, regardless of location. Its proposal, however, goes further: the concept of the portal is to integrate through the provision of services. In the Day to Day menu, the employee has access to various functionalities of HR, IT, health, among others.

BRK connection: Presented by the CEO, the program generates closer ties between leadership and employees. In it, Teresa Vernaglia addresses various types of relevant information: events, studies, latest developments, among others. The essence of the program, however, is at the end, when she answers questions from employees.

External Channels:

Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn): Pillars of the transformation in the way we communicate and consume information and entertainment today, social networks are at the heart of BRK Ambiental's external communication strategy. Through them, we serve our customers seeking to solve problems with the SAC 2.0, we show the day-to-day operations and promote the culture of sanitation and environmental education. With quality information, we encourage public debate about the transformative potential of basic sanitation.

Site: BRK Ambiental's website, in addition to bringing together a whole range of customer service services, brings up-to-date information on BRK's operations, as well as news of interest to our customers.

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