CEBDS delivers study on NDC to the Minister of Environment Sarney Filho

The presidente of Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), Mrs. Marina Grossi, gave the study “Opportunities and Challenges of the Brazilian NDC to the business sector” to the Minister of Environment, Mr. Sarney Filho, in Brasil, on Tuesday, April 11. This document makes official the Council of Leaders (a CEBDS initiative) contribution to the elaboration of a National Plan to Implement and Finance the Brazilian NDC, led by the Ministry of Environment.

The connection between government and business, according to Sarney Filho, will be essential to achieve the Brazilian goals agreed in the Paris Agreement. “I am very glad that we are willing to go on this path together”, said the minister. Sarney Filho also highlighted how important it is to have the business acting in the climate agenda. “This partnership is very important and very strong”, he added.

According to Marina Grossi, this study presents a set of action to be taken in different sectors of the economy in order to make economically feasible to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals and make profitable to the Brazilian companies.

The current productive structure in the country, together with the abundant natural resources, give Brazil comparative advantages and a privileged position in a context of global mitigation efforts. The creation of a low carbon economy driven by the Paris Agreement, while having multiple challenges, is an unprecedented opportunity to re-qualify the country’s development on a truly sustainable basis, “said the CEBDS president.

The minister Sarney Filho appreciated the presentation of the document and and was open to continuing the dialogue with the business sector on the implementation of the Brazilian NDC, even suggesting that the institutions establish a partnership to hold joint events to discuss this and other topics.

In addition to the minister and Marina Grossi, the president of the Fórum Brasileiro de Mudanças Climáticas, Alfredo Sirkis; Secretary for Climate Change and Forests, Everton Lucero; Renault de Freitas Castro, CEO of Abralatas; Janaina Donas, director of Government Relations at Alcoa; Rodrigo Moccia, representative of Corporate Relations of Ambev; Jorge Soto, director of Sustainable Development at Braskem; Rodolfo Sirol, sustainability director of CPFL Energia; and CEBDS technical advisor Laura Albuquerque were presented.




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