CEBDS launches agenda with proposals for the next rulers

Promoting the recovery of the Brazilian economy on a sustainable basis must be a priority for the next governors and parliamentarians, both at the federal level and in the States. The country needs a strategic plan with public policies and actions that direct national development towards a green agenda – environmentally correct, socially just and economically viable.

Therefore, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development launches the “CEBDS Agenda – For a Sustainable Country 2022”. It is the third edition of the document, created with the aim of contributing to the debate on sustainable paths for economic growth and the reduction of inequality in Brazil.

As in 2014 and 2018, CEBDS seeks to collaborate with the formulation of policies, with solutions that bring greater competitiveness and prosperity within the next four years of the president and governors, as well as the performance of federal and state deputies and senators.

This publication completes the journey begun with the Open Letter to Presidential Candidates, launched in April, and continued with the debates promoted in June at the Vision 2050 Seminar – The Future is Done Now. The event brought together eight CEOs from companies, government representatives and specialists, in seven panels, which discussed paths for the country's development with reference to “Vision 2050”, from CEBDS.

As in these previous initiatives, the ideas on the agenda are the result of extensive dialogue between the CEBDS technical team, its associated companies and many other actors with whom the Council has worked over the years.

The agenda's propositions are divided into 12 topics: reducing deforestation; forests and land use; carbon market; decrease in methane emissions; promotion of food systems with sustainable practices; reduction of social inequalities; regulation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples; energy transition; implementation of the goals to be defined at COP 15 on Biodiversity; environmental licensing; basic sanitation; and technological innovation.

These are actions that can be carried out in the next four years of office, whether in the Executive or Legislative branches, at the federal or state level. By bringing the Brazilian business perspective, they can help the president, governors, senators and state and federal deputies in building a more sustainable country. It is CEBDS's commitment to also be an advisory entity for the different levels of the Brazilian government, regardless of ideological and partisan colorations.

The publication of the “CEBDS Agenda – For a Sustainable Country 2022” reinforces the role of the business sector in the transformation to a new development model. It is an invitation to deepen the dialogue and ideas capable of contributing to the construction of a more prosperous, fair and sustainable Brazil.

Access the full document HERE!


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