Entries open for the 2023 CEBDS Female Leadership Award

They are open until the day August 11th, registration for the 6th edition of the CEBDS Female Leadership Award. the prize is exclusive for CEBDS members and aims to recognize women and companies that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and encourage, boost and/or inspire the formation of new female leaders. The SDGs guide our work and with this award we intend to prioritize the achievement of SDG 5, which aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.

The award comprises two categories:

Associated Companies Category: will award two female executives, within our member companies, for their initiatives to advance the SDGs. The winners will be chosen by our jury, composed of notable guests. The CEOs of the winning companies will be invited to be present at the awards ceremony, symbolizing the importance of the initiative and the continuity of these actions.

Category Women on the Board: will award two associated companies that are advanced in having diversity on their Boards, that is, having a group of women occupying an internal Board of the company (eg Board of Directors).

The award ceremony will be held on the day October 18, 2023, during the Sustainable Congress 2023.

The award is an opportunity to recognize the many women leaders who contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through their initiatives and projects, and the companies that dedicate efforts to promoting gender equality, as well as boosting social projects that today work towards this end. .

Every CEBDS member company is encouraged to apply by following the instructions listed hereui.

Choose the category below and register:

Associated Companies Category

Category Women on the Board


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