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The sustainable development dynamic applied to company businesses in the various sectors is what in fact solidifies the “sustainability” concept and is capable of impacting essential aspects for maintenance, continuity and survival the business. This dynamic affects the company’s reputation and consequently its performance and the acceptance or rejection by its audiences. There are companies that in fact make a commitment to the world and not only rethink their processes to make them future friendly, they disseminate the idea. In this context, communication and education constitute strategies for the companies to communicate in effective and productive fashion with its main stakeholders – contributors, media, shareholders, suppliers and service providers, in addition to the governmental and civil society institutions – and influence and inspire changes of behavior that lead us to a more sustainable development model. Today the companies position themselves among the main agents that promote sustainability. They are the ones that generate the largest number of jobs and income in society, in Brazil and around the world. On the other hand they also produce the most significant impact on the environment and on the communities. Within this context the companies can be local, regional and even planet wide change agents, correctly divulging their actions, attitudes and postures in search of sustainability. It is necessary that the company remove the focus from itself and value the dissemination of knowledge, stimulating processes that educate others in order to build a more sustainable reality.


Governance (03/2017 – 2019)
Co-chairs: Karla Melo (Vale) and Glauce Ferman (Michelin)

Vinicius Mansur (CEBDS)


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