Communication on water management

Water is a material theme for our company. The Eletrobras companies measure the withdrawal and consumption of water and publicly communicate the company's water management through the Annual Report, the SASB Report, CDP Water, and through the websites of their companies. The Annual Report highlights data on the withdrawal and consumption of water in our activities, data on our hydroelectric operations in areas of water stress, studies carried out on the water resource for power generation and the participation of our companies in Basins. The companies carry out monitoring of the water quality in their operations, ensuring the return of water not consumed in acceptable quality standards by Brazilian standards.

The topic of water is discussed in some forums within the scope of the Eletrobras companies. In the Environment Committee, a task force was created, linked to the Environmental Management Instruments working group, specifically to discuss and improve the management of the theme. The task force has representatives from the areas of environment, infrastructure and operation of the companies. Bringing together professionals from so many different areas is a challenge that has been successfully overcome in the task force. Of the works carried out, the creation of protocols with unified methodologies for measuring the volume of water used in administrative activities and in thermal generation and the exchange of experiences stand out.
In 2021, Eletrobras launched a campaign to publicize its Environmental Policy and one of the prioritized topics was water. The video was made available on the company's YouTube platform and social networks.
In the Generation Expansion Planning Committee, the water issue is discussed in the Water Resources Working Group, which has professionals from all Eletrobras companies. This group addresses issues related to water in its meetings, acting mainly in the study of hydroelectric potential and in the management of water resources. Regarding the management of water resources, the following are discussed within the group: studies of water availability, multiple uses and conflicts over water use, water security, participation in hydrographic basin committees and water resources plans, in addition to regulatory issues related to water. The group was responsible for preparing the Water Resources Policy common to all Eletrobras companies, which is available to the public on the company's website.

The Eletrobras companies are continually improving and evolving in data monitoring and water management, so that the information made available is increasingly clear and consistent with reality.

Inclusion and disclosure of data and information on water management in external reports, on the website and on social networks.
Evaluation of the impact of the campaign to publicize the Environmental Policy – water theme – on the company's social networks.

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