Eletrobras Companies Socio-environmental Project Notice

In 2021, the Eletrobras companies published the first Notice of Social and Environmental Projects. The Notice received 180 applications and selected 10 projects located in municipalities where there are power plants, substations, transmission lines or administrative headquarters of the Eletrobras companies or are part of hydrographic basins where the companies' hydroelectric plants are installed and, at the same time, have areas of conservation and preservation of the biodiversity (ACBPs). The projects will contribute to the generation of socioeconomic value for communities, and, at the same time, to the preservation and recovery of biodiversity and water resources in the vicinity of generation and transmission projects, in addition to areas that contribute to the hydrographic basins where the companies are present.
Of the ten selected projects, two will be supported by Eletrobras Holding and will start in 2022.
Are they:
• The “Formiga Verde: Community-Based Environmental Education Program”, by the Permacultura Lab Institute, aims to unite environmental conservation and positive social impact in Morro da Formiga, Rio de Janeiro, through a Community-Based Environmental Education Program that seeks to train and raise awareness among children, young people and adults about local socio-environmental problems and possible ecological solutions. The project will transversally combine aspects of agroecology, permaculture, biodiversity conservation and maximization of ecosystem services through environmental education and reforestation actions articulated with the territory's teaching apparatus and environment, also contributing to the conservation of water resources.

• Cooperbio's Alimergia Project will be carried out in Seberi/RS, in the Atlantic Forest biome. The Project will seek to continue the actions radiated by the Territorial Center for Cooperation and Environmental Education, combining forest restoration of degraded areas with native species, increasing biodiversity and ecosystem services, promoting low-carbon agricultural, livestock and forestry practices. The project will prioritize family farmers with areas of up to 4 fiscal modules and who have the Declaration of suitability for Pronaf. Actions to recover degraded areas contribute directly to the maintenance and protection of local water resources.

On September 10, 2021, the Eletrobras companies published the first Notice of Social and Environmental Projects. The selection results were published on 28 October. The two projects that will be supported by Eletrobras Holding had their support signed in mid-December 2021 and will start in 2022. Both projects will be completed in December 2023.

“Formiga Verde” Project: Environmental Education: workshops will be offered for young people and adults from Morro da Formiga in partnership with the Hortas Cariocas program for the development of low-cost sustainable technologies and practices, relating agroecology and permaculture knowledge. Ecosystem services: reforestation actions and workshops will be carried out to train local reforestation agents, articulating traditional knowledge with scientific technical knowledge. The reforestation will take place in the bordering area between the community and PARNA Tijuca with the implementation of agroforestry systems and in conjunction with the Mutirão Reflorestamento program of the city of Rio, which will provide about 2,000 seedlings of fruit and native trees and will help in the choice of places where the plantations will be planted. will be carried out.

Alimergia Project: Agroecology, agroforestry, permaculture or promotion of family farming: the project seeks to generate income and quality of life for farming families, through the synergy between the production of healthy food, with agroecological practices, renewable energy and ecosystem services. Recovery of 20 hectares of degraded areas with native species, contributing to biodiversity conservation and carbon absorption.

The projects will be monitored using indicators and the issuance of regular monitoring reports.

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