Support for conservation and recovery initiatives for forests and natural areas, integrated with the promotion of water resilience and biodiversity

Petrobras has been making voluntary investments in socio-environmental projects for over 40 years, and in 2003 it started to structure these investments into corporate programs. Currently, the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program brings together the company's voluntary socio-environmental investments, whose purpose is to contribute to the sustainability of the business, supporting initiatives that generate positive and significant value for society […]

Basins and Forests

Basins & Forests Program has the mission of collaborating in the recovery and preservation of important river basins in the country. Through a broad diagnosis of each basin, we gathered a series of partners and outlined a local plan with actions that include access to water and sanitation, environmental education, ecological restoration, conservation practices and […]

Eletrobras Companies Socio-environmental Project Notice

In 2021, the Eletrobras companies published the first Notice of Social and Environmental Projects. The Notice received 180 entries and selected 10 projects located in municipalities where there are power plants, substations, transmission lines or administrative headquarters of the Eletrobras companies or integrate hydrographic basins where the companies' hydroelectric plants are installed and, at the same time, have conservation areas […]

Collective action for water security and adaptation to climate change

The Viva Água movement (MVA) promotes water security and adaptation to climate change based on actions for the conservation and recovery of natural ecosystems, in addition to encouraging entrepreneurship with positive social and environmental impacts. Conceived by Fundação Grupo Boticário, the model involves multiple actors, with the opportunity to be replicated in any river basin […]

Living Rivers and Ocean Plastic Project

Rios Vivos: project to mobilize selective collection networks in riverside communities in Amazonas and Pará, in the initial implementation phase, with the objective of preventing plastics from ending up in rivers and seas in the region, harming the environment and the health of the population. The first collections have already started in 2021 and will be multiplied […]

Microbasin Project

As it is located in a region where the water issue is constantly in focus, annually or whenever necessary, Norflor carries out works aimed at preserving the water courses, present in micro basins inserted in the enterprise. The “Córrego Vivo” project was created in 2020 with the aim of expanding conservation actions and […]

Management of Water Flow and Specific Consumption in Operations

In Votorantim Cimentos' indicator management software, the SIM Portal, the monitoring of collection, release and specific consumption data at the Cement and Aggregates units (mines and factories) will be improved. This software has a control panel of the Water Flowcharts of these units, where the collection points and […]

Preservation of springs on the Xingu River

Natura has supported the ISA Y Ikatu Xingu project for the preservation of the sources of the Xingu River for ten years. The equivalent of 518 hectares of the headwaters of the Xingu River were restored through the initiative with support from the compensation program.

Socio-environmental benefit with Water Security

In 2019, Fundação Grupo Boticário designed two major initiatives to promote shared actions focused on water security: Movimento Viva Água and Oásis Lab Baía de Guanabara for territorial development.