Living Rivers and Ocean Plastic Project

Rios Vivos: project to mobilize selective collection networks in riverside communities in Amazonas and Pará, in the initial implementation phase, with the aim of preventing plastics from ending up in rivers and seas in the region, harming the environment and the health of the population. The first collections have already started in 2021 and will be multiplied throughout 2022.

Due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the projects are still in the implementation and consolidation phase. For plastics from the Oceans, we structured a beach cleaning mobilization together with the Ecosurf Institute to recover waste at the Jureia-Itatins Conservation Unit, in the south of the state of São Paulo. The result of the action was the cleaning of 3,800 meters of beach and 1.3 tons of waste collected and sent for recycling.

The structuring of recycling chains of coastal cooperatives has supplied our partners with the manufacture of packaging with recycled plastic coming from the coast. About 15 tons have already been incorporated into new packaging.

Still regarding ocean plastic, we sponsor the Schurmann family's Voz dos Oceanos project. During the trip, which will pass through 60 points around the world in 2 years, several actions will be taken to bring attention to the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans and the urgency of solutions. This project is also supported by UNEP and has a Scientific and an Educational pillar.

For these projects, the main parameter to be measured is the amount of waste recovered, whether on the coast or in rivers, which, therefore, leaves an impact on water bodies. We also monitor the engagement and participation of different audiences in these actions.

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