Water efficiency in factories

Natura develops several actions to better use water in its facilities. In Cajamar (SP), for example, reused water is used in toilets, building cleaning and utilities. At the Ecoparque site, in Benevides (PA), a system of filter gardens is used to treat non-industrial water from the facilities.

Use of reused water at the Cajamar site (SP) in toilets, building cleaning and utilities (cold water and steam). At the Ecoparque site, in Benevides (PA), use of a filtering garden system for the treatment of non-industrial water in the facilities. The Natura São Paulo site (NASP) has a rainwater collection system for irrigation and use in toilets. Rainwater harvesting system implemented at Ecoparque in 2019.

Structuring and planning for managing the Water strategy through the Environmental Profit & Loss tool. We will seek to understand the impact of our activities on water consumption and pollution, including a study of the impact of plastic packaging on rivers and seas.

The EP&L tool has been used in previous years. In 2020, we started the engagement and structuring process to integrate the tool into business decisions, as well as to expand its use in other areas of the company. Regarding the Water theme, the evolution and inclusion of the study of the impact of plastic packaging on water resources.

The EP&L is an impact valuation tool, therefore the output of the tool is monetary. We are still studying whether the metrics are relative, absolute or both, in order to complement each other.
Monitoring of monthly and annual targets for relative and absolute consumption of water at Natura sites is maintained.

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