Water monitoring for continuous improvement

In 2021, Caramuru formalized the construction of the sustainability journey with the identification of nine material themes that connect to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), considering the vision of our main stakeholders. The materiality study carried out identified nine priority themes, with water and effluents as one of them. Building our journey, Caramuru […]

Ama water produced to fight shortages

Our efforts in favor of water security are not limited to improving consumption efficiency. In 2017, Ambev launched Água Ama, created with the aim of transforming the reality of thousands of people who do not have access to water, AMA is the first social business of a large company in […]

The theme of water in Eletrobras' business strategy

More than 90% of the electricity generated by Eletrobras comes from hydroelectric plants. Water is a material theme for our company. We have specific Policies to address the issue, such as the Water Resources Policy, approved in 2010, in addition to the Environmental Policy and the Sustainability Policy. In the Sustainability 4.0 Program, we developed a subproject that aims to improve […]

Neutralize environmental impact as a commitment for 2030

After overcoming some commitments, Grupo Boticário challenged itself and established ambitious commitments in 2021 that encompass its direct operations and its value chain, and among them we committed ourselves to zeroing out the water balance of industrial water in our operations and reducing the volume of water by 50% extracted by our critical suppliers. A […]

Assessment and development of portfolio with less impact on water

In addition to the water consumption and reuse metrics on our sites, we began to assess how our portfolio can also contribute to the water strategy. With the end of the 2020 Sustainability Vision cycle, Natura, together with the other companies of the Natura&CO group, launched the Commitment to Life 2030, which establishes […]

Rainwater harvesting

Norflor's sustainability team carried out an assessment of possible alternatives to optimize the use of water in its developments. It was concluded that reservoirs for storing rainwater would be a viable, effective and low-cost alternative. In addition to the reservoirs, the theme of water was included and emphasized in the […]

Using the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard

Company certified in the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard. The system allows measuring the impact of water use on operations and managing its sustainable use. Target to adopt the highest level of application of the parameters by 2025.

Management of Water Resources in Scarcity Areas

The ongoing action aims to improve the management of the water issue in our long-term business strategy, and our main goal is qualitative and is widely disclosed in Our 2030 Commitments. Water consumption in the cement process is not highly relevant, given the low water intake and the […]

Sustainable use of water with the AWS standard

Philip Morris uses as a parameter the guidelines of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard, which consists of adopting actions aimed at the sustainable use of water in the manufacturing process. One of the developments in 2019 was the update of the AWS standard, with Philip Morris Brasil being the first company in the country certified in the […]