The theme of water in Eletrobras' business strategy

More than 90% of the electricity generated by Eletrobras comes from hydroelectric plants. Water is a material theme for our company. We have specific Policies to address the topic, such as the Water Resources Policy, approved in 2010, in addition to the Environmental Policy and the Sustainability Policy. In the Sustainability 4.0 Program, we developed a subproject that aims to improve the management of water use and consumption in the administrative and operational activities of the Eletrobras companies. We are conducting Water Footprint studies for some of our operations. We are considered a leading company with the best market practices in the Water Security dimensions of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Water. In 2021, we received an 'A' score for water security in CDP.

In 2017, we included an indicator in the 2030 Agenda to reduce the consumption of water collected by the supply network and used in our administrative activities. From 2017 to 2020, companies reduced this consumption by 23 %.
The monitoring of this indicator was carried out by the infrastructure, environment and sustainability areas through the Sustainability Management Indicators System, the IGS System – Environmental Dimension. We are expanding the monitoring of water abstraction from other sources used in administrative activities.
In 2020, we included a new variable in the environmental dimension of the IGS to calculate the water consumed by thermal generation and the water discarded, significantly advancing the accuracy of the data used both for internal management and for external disclosure.

Elaborate Study on Forecasting Methods for Setting Water Targets (Cepel) – 2023
Perform Life Cycle Analysis - Water Footprint (Cepel) - 2023

The Sustainability 4.0 Program is monitored by the project office.

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