Management of water resources in business units

Votorantim Cimentos conducts a survey of information on water resource management at business units. The work covers mainly existing funding and releases.

A survey of information on the management of water resources in all business units is underway: Cement, Concrete, Aggregates and Mortars, especially in relation to existing intakes and releases. Own action, individual and in progress. Attached is an example of a return obtained from one of the units.

It is expected to obtain all data by the end of Dec/2019, with consolidation and analysis in Jan/2020. With the survey carried out, a database will be created on the status of each operational unit, in different business units, on its evolution and pending issues on the topic of water resource management, in order to define and prioritize actions. Furthermore, the theme will be taken to the high leadership committees BET – Brazilian Executive Team and GET – Global Executive Team so that the identified indicators and risks can be discussed.

Adherence to the action plans generated after consolidating the collected data.

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